What if you became so healthy you inspired all those you loved to take care of themselves too…. Being their light, teacher and healer by default?

What if you just gave yourself everything you ever wanted and as a result became more loving, wise and successful in life?

What if you could feel like that resilient, bright eyed and robust child again… the one that knew the world was good and beautiful… What would be possible?

Return to beautiful is a journey into the possibilities hinted in the questions above. It takes you on a holistic journey to wake up that most beautiful optimistic soul you might have lost in the world due to stress, hardship, societal beliefs or pressures, mental/emotional/physical toxins, trauma, cruelty and lack of empowering and nurturing tools or resources.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • How to restore vibrant health, natural beauty, slow down aging and prevent disease through a heart-filled and soulful strategy.

  • How to stay bright, brilliant and youthful despite all modern-day challenges and toxicities.

  • How to become resilient to yo-yo wellness, stress, challenges and fear, getting back all the beauty you lost as a child and, allowing you to stay in the light of infinite possibility, and a life driven by passion and inspiration instead of fear.

Praise for Return to Beautiful

Jonathan Terry, DO, ABIHM

Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

As a psychiatrist working both with highly successful individuals and with some of the nation’s most underserved populations, Return to Beautiful makes evident some of the deepest and most important lessons I share with my patients and clients. Look no further; this daring publication by Jelena Petkovic is the perfect demonstration of spiritual, food, lifestyle, and health practices, sure to appeal to those starting their health journeys and those who are deep in their practice. Petkovic expertly leads the way to vibrancy, charisma, and bliss through her transparency, wisdom, insights, and success as a practitioner. Copies of this brave and necessary text will fill my office shelves for sharing at every visit. This book is exactly what my clinic needs.

Nancy Matthews

International Speaker & Founder of Women's Prosperity Network

This book will help you turn back time to a moment in your life you felt your most radiant, joyful, energetic and optimistic! It's your opportunity to feel excited and confident about your health and every aspect of your life. Jelena Petkovic’s wisdom, insights, and personal transformation story will shift your perception about aging, life and happiness in general. The content will help remove confusion, frustration and fear around the difficulty of conceiving a life of bliss. This is an opportunity to learn from an innovative medical expert, healer and spiritual leader. Be prepared for more solid, usable, information than you’ve ever seen inside one book."

Jelena Petkovic

Book Author

(Indra Shanti Kaur) PAC MMS

Jelena Petkovic (Indra Shanti Kaur) PAC MMS is a licensed medical practitioner, speaker, and author who specializes in a new medicine known as "integrative Antiaging Medicine", a specialty merging eastern and western medicine tools to prevent disease and premature aging. Jelena blends her expertise in medical detoxification, Ayurveda and digestive health optimization, hormone balancing, and mind-body medicine to help reset and restore people to their most flourishing state of health. In the past 3 years, while working on her doctorate, Jelena has focused her research and practice on mind-body, spiritual and energetic elements as the core focus in patient consultation, diagnosis and treatment. She believes all health issues stem from energetic disequilibrium or misalignment with true self, leading to unhappiness, poor self care, and disease.

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